Monday, September 28, 2015

Day Seven: Other Costume Faves

The day started out awesomely nerdy! (Missed my chance walking in to work to snap a pic of a very cunning chain mail hat).

Lady Harley Quinn

Marvel corset, StarTrek mug, and comic bloomers.

And near the end of the day, these lovelies came in to the shop.
The young lady on the right made all the incredible costumes on her friends- including an amazing red chain mail top (not pictured!)

Day Seven: OOTD Pirate

Enjoying my first turkey leg and trying on a velvet wrap by lady of the lake.

Third Weekend: OOTD Dark Fae

Close-up of makeup
(Colourpop lippiestix, liners, and eyeshadows ftw!)

Scaring little children!

I knew my headdress lit up, but I didn't know it would cast cool purple highlights until the very end of the day!

Day Five: OOTD Unicorn and Other Faves

(Thanks to my husband, I have both my lovely white ears from noxhyde on Etsy and my horn from fireflypath!)

Cascading skirt!

And one faves photo! This couple was awesome.  The lady made all of their pieces including her leather armor!

Day Four: Other Costume Faves

There were a ton of amazing costumes today!

Check out that skirt!!!

The professional Fae crew!

Skyrim Barbarians

Chainmail tie!

Artists palette bandolier!

This lady told me she made her outfit all from repurposed materials! Great work!

Second Weekend: OOTD Foxy

Day Three: Other costume faves

Day Three: Stripes, Buns, and Mermaid leggings

Found a dragon friend!!

First day of work: The Peacock Fairy

Day one: Just a Patron

First outfit is my colorful Fairy.  I like to call her Leaf.

Close-up of the make-up. Teal eyebrows!

(Favorite costumes on others) Leaf makes some new friends!

Including local celebrity, Twig!

And so it begins!

Everyone has always said that I was full of whimsy, but for so long I had no outlet! After a long time away from fashion and costuming, I was beginning to long once again for an excuse to play dress up on a regular basis. 

Three times a year (Halloween, Renaissance Festival, and Zombie Pub Crawl) was beginning to not be enough.  So I decided this year to work at the Renaissance Festival on the weekends- partially as an excuse to wear all my costumes.  

The following blog is my adventures in weekend costume play and some of my favorite costumes by others!